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How to config asterisk for to make calls anywhere in the world

How to config asterisk, for to make calls anywhere in the world, Without spending too much money. With 10 dollars is enough as a basic plan.


This content is only the specific configuration of  Our Carrier/Operator. That makes us visible to make calls.


Note: You must be create an account in  commpeak.com (it's a provider VOIP). And verify your account.

The config is simple let's begin:

Open an put the next code in the file located in /etc/asterisk/sip.conf


Now inside of file: /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf
We need to create the context raspberrypi . Below o show you.

;; logica para llamadas salientes
exten => _X.,1,NoOP(Llamadas externas by anibal)
exten => _X.,2,Dial(SIP/carrier/${EXTEN},20,Trt)

Now reload the dialplan with the next comand:

    dialplan reload 

Help Commands for the Asterisk console

sudo asterisk -rvvvvvvvv # watch logs in realtime
sip show peers # watch all users connected


If you want to know how much is will   cost per minute check the next page: https://www.commpeak.com/pricing/ and is really really cheap the calls by VOIP.

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